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Jersey: how to get temporary file

I use Jersey with flash uploader and the problem I met is that I need to determine “file partialy uploaded” situation ’cause user has an opportunity to cancel it at any time. All solutions that I found for this problem were on PHP (look for The uploaded file was only partially uploaded text). I didn’t find any standart technics how to get size of uploaded file (uploaded file’s input stream doesn’t has such information) to compare it with actual file size. So I used a “little reflection magic” to get it. ’cause classes that we’ll use to get information is private for org.jvnet.mimepull package we need to create out util class in exactly the same package. Then we can use reflection to get any infomation that we need.

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Fix for Jersey’s russian files names bug

In our project we use Sun/Oracle implementation of JAX-RS — Jersey ’cause it’s greate framework for build REST-services. But there are some troubles with uploading files feature. When you uploading file with latin chars in file name everything is fine, you read this file name on server and it’s exactly the same as on client computer. But when you trying to upload file with russian chars in file name you get “abracadabra” instead of them. For example:

Original file name Received file name
Test123.txt Test123.txt
Тест123.txt Тест123.txt

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